Day 1

We have safely landed in Geneva!

We were personally welcomed aboard our BA flight by the pilot who announced to everybody that the Abbey girls were on their way to CERN to determine whether Physics really is fun.



We settled into our rooms, had dinner and now we are exploring Geneva by night!


Just having a hot chocolate before bed time..


Day 2

We had an early start to arrive at CERN by 8.30 am.


Our first stop was the antimatter factory where antiprotons are made. We were shown a range of experiments using them to investigate their properties and uses such as making a more efficient unless harmful way of treating brain tumours.


Next stop was the S’Cool lab where we made cloud chambers to detect subatomic particles.


After a very enjoyable lunch with the scientists we had a tour to the very first accelerator built at CERN.


We were then taken by a bus through the snowy countryside to CMS which is one of the four detectors of the LHC.


We caught the 6 pm tram, tired but enriched by our many experiences at CERN. We couldn’t believe we had been shown so much in just one day.

Day 3

Despite the rain we ventured across Lake Geneva by boat to visit the Cathedral in the Old Town.


After lunch and a spot of Christmas shopping we went off to visit The Red Cross Museum followed by dinner in a local restaurant.



Then cake before bedtime to celebrate Miss Galata’s birthday.


Day 4

We walked along the lake to the Science Museum and then took advantage of the good weather by taking another boat trip.